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Items Upgrade

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You need to Upgrade Items on our server:
Only starting items are mined with Box of Luck dropping:

Golden Budge Dragon (Lorencia)
Golden Goblin (Noria)
Golden Rabbit (Elbeland)

You Can Upgrade Items With :

crystals armor.png

Crystal of Armor v1 : Craft

Pad Set > Legendary Set
Leather Set > Dragon Set
Silk Set > Guardian Set
Light Plate Set > Adamantine Set
Violent Wind Set > Red Wing Set
Storm Crow Set > Thunder Hawk Set
Sacred Fire Set > Storm Jahad Set

         Small Shield > Skull Shield         
        Horn Shield > Spiked Shield         
Kite Shield > Large Round Shield 
Elven Shield > Elemental Shield   
Tower Shield > Dragon Slayer Shield

Crystal of Armor v2: Craft

Legendary Set > Grand Soul Set
Dragon Set > Black Dragon Set
Guardian Set > Holy Spirit Set
Adamantine Set > Dark Steel Set
Red Wing Set > Ancient Set
Thunder Hawk Set > Hurricane Set
Storm Jahad Set > Piercing Set

           Skull Shield > Grand Soul Shield           
Spiked Shield > Legendary Shield
Large Round Shield > Dragon Shield
Elemental Shield > Buckler Shield
Dragon Slayer Shield > Serpend  Shield

Crystal of Armor v3 : Craft

Grand Soul Set > Dark Soul Set
Black Dragon Set > Great Dragon Set
Holy Spirit Set > Red Spirit Set
Dark Steel Set > Dark Master Set
Ancient Set > Eternal Set
Hurricane Set > Warrior Set
Piercing Set > Bloody Set

Grand Soul Shield > Guardian Shield
Legendary Shield > Salamander Shield
Dragon Shield > Crimson Shield
Buckler Shield > Frost Barrier Shield
Serpend Shield > Cross Shield

Crystal of Evolution v1: Craft

Dark Soul Set > Eclipse Set
Great Dragon Set > Ashcrow Set
Red Spirit Set > Iris Set
Dark Master Set > Glorious Set
Eternal Set > Demonic Set
Warrior Set > Valiant Set
Bloody Set > Tigris Set

Guardian Shield > Dark Devil Shield
Salamander Shield > Magic Knight Shield
Crimson Shield > Lazy Wind Shield
Frost Barrier Shield > Light Lord Shield
Cross Shield > Ambition Shield


Crystal of Evolution v2: Craft

Eclipse Set > Tantalos DW Set
Ashcrow Set > Tantalos DK Set
Iris Set > Tantalos Elf Set
Glorious Set > Tantalos DL Set
Demonic Set > Tantalos Sum Set
Valiant Set > Tantalos MG Set
Tigris Set > Tantalos RF Set

Guardian Shield > Dark Devil Shield
Salamander Shield > Magic Knight Shield
Crimson Shield > Lazy Wind Shield
Frost Barrier Shield > Light Lord Shield
Cross Shield > Ambition Shield


Crystal of Evolution v3: Craft

Tantalos DW Set > Flame DW Set
Tantalos DK Set > Flame DK Set
Tantalos Elf Set > Flame Elf Set
Tantalos DL Set > Flame DL Set
Tantalos Sum Set > Flame Sum Set
Tantalos MG Set > Flame MG Set
Tantalos RF Set > Flame RF Set


Crystal of Fire: Craft

Flame Set > Destiny Set > Freedom Set 

Dark Devil Shield > Destiny Shield > Freedom Shield
Magic Knight Shield > Destiny Shield > Freedom Shield
Lazy Wind Shield > Destiny Shield > Freedom Shield
Light Lord Shield > Destiny Shield > Freedom Shield
Ambition Shield > Destiny Shield > Freedom Shield

Crystal of Water: Craft

Freedom Set > Eternity Set > Infinity Set
Freedom Shield > Eternity Shield > Infinity Shield

Crystal of Wind: Craft

Infinity Set > Miracle Set > Immortal Set 
Infinity Shield > Miracle Shield > Immortal Shield 

Crystals weapon.png

Crystal of Weapon v1: Craft


Skull Staff > Legendary Staff
Battle Scepter > Master Scepter  
Tiger Bow > Silver Bow 
Mystery Stick > Violent Wind Stick 
Short Sword > Blade
Magic Blade > Serpend Blade

Crystal of Weapon v2: Craft


Legendary Staff > Resurrection Staff > Dragon Soul Staff
Master Scepter > Great Scepter > Lord Scepter
Silver Bow > Battle Bow > Celestial Bow
Violent Wind Stick > Red Wing Stick > Ancient Stick
Blade > Double Blade > Lightning Sword
Serpend Blade > Thunder Blade > Rune Blade
Holy Storm Claw > Frick Claw > Tigris Claw

Crystal of Weapon v3: Craft


Dragon Soul Staff > Kundun Staff > Divine Staff
Lord Scepter > Great Lord Scepter > Divine Scepter
Celestial Bow > Arrow Viper Bow > Divine Crossbow
Ancient Stick > Raven Stick > Divine Stick
Lightning Sword > Destruction Sword > Divine Sword
Rune Blade > Dark Reign Blade > Divine Blade
Tigris Claw > Soul Claw > Divine Claw
Book of Samut - Book of Neil

Crystal of Blessed v1: Craft


Divine Staff > Platina Staff > Miracle Staff
Divine Scepter > Shining Scepter > Sonic Sword 
Divine Crossbow > Albatross > Summon Spirit
Divine Stick > Demonic Stick > Angelic Bow
Divine Sword > Knight Blade > Asura Blade
Divine Blade > Dancer Blade > Thunder Scepter
Divine Claw > Piercing Claw > Crimson Claw

Crystal of Blessed v2: Craft

Miracle Staff > Blessed Staff
Sonic Sword > Blessed Sword
Summon Spirit Stick > Blessed Stick
Angelic Bow > Blessed Crossbow
Asura Blade > Blessed Blade
Thunder Scepter > Blessed Scepter
Crimson Claw > Blessed Scepter


Crystal of Flame: Craft


Blessed Staff > Flame Staff     
Blessed Sword > Flame Sword    
Blessed Stick > Flame Stick    
Blessed Crossbow > Flame Crossbow
Blessed Blade > Flame Blade    
Blessed Scepter > Flame Scepter  
Blessed Claw > Flame Claw  
Book of Neil > Flame Book 

Crystal of Earth: Craft


Flame Weapons > Blood Weapons > Glory Weapons

Crystal of Dark: Craft


Glory Weapons > Unique Weapons > Imaginary  Weapons

Crystal of Light: Craft


Imaginary Weapons > Oblivion Weapons > Immortal Weapons

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