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Castle Siege,Land of Trial

Castle Siege Statistic


Castle Siege Info:

Starts 20:00 by Server Time
1 hour Duration
All classes can be pushed (with weapon skill, lightning, etc) 
You cant use that skills during the stun.
Damage : 80%
Crown Damage : 70%
Crown Registration Time :  20 Sec



After Guild Master's Death timer dumped.
You lose 3 sec. after losing the connection with crown
Every second GM is out from Throne Zone - missing 1 second.


Castle Siege

You can teleport to Loren from "M" Menu

During the Siege you can attack other players without pressing Ctrl.


Land of Trial Experience (Same as Relic)

Land of Trial Drop: Guardian Stone(Craft Jewel of Guardian)

Land of Trial Invasion: (First Part of The Castle) 23:55

Blue Chaos Goblin x5:
Drop: Nova Item Box x1,Fenrir Stone Level 1 x2

Red Chaos Goblin x2:
Sign of Lord x2,Gemstone x2,Flame Condor x2,Ore of Exl(Armor),Box of Ring,Jewel Ticket Rare x2


Land of Trial (Замок)

Land of Trial - разделен на 4 части,1 часть начинается с обычного вода в замок,на остальные части можно проходить через проходки в начале замка,на каждый проход свой определенный левел и на каждой части свой дроп

Land of Trial.png

Land of Trial Закрытый Замок куда могут попасть только владельцы(которые дрались и победили в битве,которое проходит каждое воскресенье в 20:00)

Added Real Time Ranking Castle Siege:

Скриншот 03-10-2022 191840.jpgСкриншот 03-10-2022 191816.jpg


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