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Snake Invasion

добавлен Snake İnvasion(Elbeland Random) 
за убийство вы получаете 2 WcC / 1 WcP / 3 GP
каждые 4 часа на карте Элбеланд появляются 10 Green Snake:

Drop :

Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul 90%
Snake Lvl 2 50%
Snake Lvl 3 40%
Snake Lvl 4 30%

Drop Snake Lvl 2:

Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul 90%
Pet Unicorn 50%
Crest of Monarch 40%
Panda RIng 30%

Drop Snake Lvl 3:

Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Creation 90%
Gemstone 50%
Loch's Feather 40%
Skeleton Ring 30%

Drop Snake Lvl 4:

Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Creation 90%
Demon/Spirit of Guardian/10 Goblin Coin 50%
Box of Wing    40%
Pet Box/5 Wcoin 25%


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