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Erohim (Land of Trial)

Erohim / Map Land of Trial / Respawn 24 hours 

Drop : 2 Set item 100% / 1 Weapon or Shield 50 %

Set : Brave/Destroy/Seraphim/Royal/Hades/Pearl/Tigris/Storm Wing/Dark Devil/Sticky/Light Lord/Hell Knight/Magic Knight/Ambition/Circubus/Crimson

Weapon : Flameberge/Sword Breaker/Runge Bastard/Frick Large/Absolute Scepter/Dark Stinger/Deadly Staff/Imperial Staff/Guardian Staff/Sonic Blade/Blast Breaker/Tigris Glove/Asura/Cyclone Sword/Crimson Glove/Thunder Bolt/Magma Spear/Angelic Bow/Devil CrossBow/Summon Spirit Stick/Miracle Staff/Spite Staff

Shield : Lazy Wind / Dark Devil / Light Lord / Magic Knight / Ambition Shield

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