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New Items

Sets : 

God of War Set (Blade Master) 

BK Set.jpg

Mystical Set ( Grand Master)

Sm Set.jpg

Perfect Set ( High Elf )

Elf Set.jpg

Diamond Set (Dimension Master)

Sum Set.jpg

Gladiator Set (Duel Master)

MG Set.jpg

Lord of Darkness (Lord Emperor)

DL Set.jpg

Silver Fighter Set (Fist Master)

RF Set.jpg

Weapons : 

Sword of Red Dark (Blade Master)

BK Sword.jpg

Sword of Angel ( Duel Master)

MG sword.jpg

Staff of Angel (Grand Master / Duel Master)

SMMG staff.jpg

Stick of Bat (Dimension Master)


Bow Demon ( High Elf )

Elf Bow.jpg

Lord of Darkness Scepter ( Lord Emperor )

Dl Scepter.jpg

Frost Claw ( Fist Master )

RF Claw.jpg

Mace of King (Blade Master)



God of War Shield (Blade Master)

BK Wit.jpg

Power Shield (Grand master/Duel Master)

SMMG Wit.jpg

Lord of Darkness Shield (Lord Emperor)

DL Wit.jpg


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