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  1. Golden Erohim Invasion Description: Golden Erohim arrived to Continent. Kill him and get rewards! Golden Erohim Location: Icarus. Random Golden Erohim Random Respawn. Rewards: Jewel: Bundle Jewel of Soul/Life/Chaos x10 50% Pet Box 100%
  2. Kalima Event (Kundun Boss) Kalima What is Kalima? Kalima – it is world of Kundun.You can enter it if you collect Lost Maps, from 5 pieces. It have 7 gates with different levels to enter. How to enter to Kalima? To enter Kalima, You need to have - Lost Map. To make a Lost Map you need to collect a 5 Symbol of Kundun. Symbol of Kundun Lost Map To enter a Kalima, you must drop a ticket and you will have gates. After entering a gates you will be in Kalima. You cant drop a ticket in safe zone. Gates are alive only for 1 minute. You can enter in Kalima in Party. If u get killed in Kalima you will go to Lorencia. Kalima have special levels to entry: Kalima Level for DK, DW, FE, SU Уровень для MG, DL, RF 1 40 - 130 20 - 110 2 131 - 180 111 - 160 3 181 - 230 161 - 210 4 231 - 280 211 - 260 5 281 - 330 261 - 310 6 331 - 400 311 - 400 7 Master Master Illusion of Kundun Illusion of Kundun was maded by Kundun.After you kill him you will get a gates to next level of Kalima. Kundun Rewards Kundun: 3 Ancient Items
  3. Medusa Boss (Swamp of Peace) Swamp of Peace Medusa is the boss in Swamp. Safe Zone After you come to Swamp of Peace, you will be in Safe zone , what have 4 portals, what send you to the hunting zone. Hunting Zone In Hunting Zone you will find all monsters from Swamp, also Medusa(Boss). Red circles are enter to the maps. Босс мероприятия Reward : 2 Armor 100% / 1 Weapon 100% / 1 Shield 50% Set: Crimson/Storm Wing/Dark Devil/Sticky/LightLord/Magic Knight/Ambition/Circubus Weapon: Asura/Cyclone Sword/Crimson Glove/Thunder Bolt/Horn of Steel/Magma Spear/Angelic Bow/Devil Crossbow/Summon Spirit Stick/Miracle Staff/Spite Staff Shield : Lazy Wind / Dark Devil / Light Lord / Magic Knight / Ambition
  4. Raklion Hatchery Event LaCleon Selupan boss is located on LaCleon 1) Enter to LaCleon 2) Gates to the Boss 3) Nest of the Selupan The Hatchery Gate open notification about starting the event - you can enter the gates to boss. After enter the gates you need to destroy the boss placing. After some time Selupan summons Eggs. Spider Eggs1 Spider Eggs2 Spider Eggs3 Selupan has appeared. The Hathcery Gates will be closed in 5 minutes. After this message Selupan will appear in 5 minutes. Reward 1 Crystal : Crystal of Excellent/Socket/Ancient/Option/Skill/Luck
  5. White Wizard Invasion Description: White Wizard and his army has arrived.f Find and kill them to get rewards. White Wizard Ogre Soldier Ogre Archer Location: Lorencia, Noria, Devias. Random Respawn. Awards: White Wizard: 55% Drop of 1 item Ring Panda/Ring Skeleton/30kk Zen Misc: Wizards Ring Wizards Ring About Wizards Ring Increase wizardy damage 10% Increase damage 10% Increase Attacking(wizardy)speed +10 You can take only one Wizards Ring in one time.
  6. Red Dragon Invasion Description: Red Dragon Invasion! Find and kill all Red Dragons to collect the reward. Red Dragon Location: Lorencia, Noria, Devias. Random Respawn only in 1 map. Red Dragon: Chance of drop 1 item - 55% Drop : Panda Ring Or 30kk Zen
  7. Skeleton King Invasion Description: Skeleton King and his army has arrived. Find them, kill, and take the rewards! Death King Death Bone Location: Lorencia. Skeleton King have random respawn. Awards: Skeleton King: Drop of 1 of listed items is 55%. Drop : Skeleton Transformation Ring Or 30kk Zen